How to Stop Garbage Tipping

When I was younger, one of my friends in the neighborhood was
a "puppy walker" for the our local chapter of the "Guide Dog
Foundation for the Blind"...

For the first year of a new guide dog's life, they often live
with a "puppy walker" who's job it is to train the puppy, and
teach it not to cause any trouble.

One of the most important things that these guide dogs had to
learn was not to eat anything out of the trash, and I didn't
really understand why that was so important when I a kid, but
I totally get it now.

Can you imagine being blind, and walking into the kitchen in
the morning only to trip over a bunch of slippery garbage?

Remember, there's no way the blind can see whether or not the
trash can was tipped over when they walk into a room...

This was serious business for the "puppy walkers"...

A guide dog who gets into the trash could be a real safety
hazard, and could potentially cause very serious injury to
their masters after they were placed in the field.

Now if you've ever seen a guide dog, they're usually one of
the larger breeds of dogs. Sometimes a golden retriever, or
a labrador... but in all cases, they're big enough that they
could easily knock over anything smaller than a dumpster.

So what did the Guide Dog Foundation suggest to their puppy
walkers to make sure their guide dogs never knocked over or
dug in the can?

Hot Sauce...

I know that might sound strange, but a little hot sauce, put
into the end of a hollowed out hot dog always did the trick.


Before you call me horrible, and claim that's a mean, nasty
thing to do to your dog, I want you to remember that this is
a trick that we learned from the guide dog trainers.

It's perfectly safe, and very effective.

The first time those dogs got a bite of the hot sauce filled
hot dog planted at the top of the trash ... they had quite a

But don't stop with once...

Keep putting that hot sauce filled hot dog at the top of the
can every single night until your dog hasn't tipped that can
over for a solid seven consecutive days.

The key here is repetition.

As I said in the last email, your dog is a creature of habit
and they're going to remember the surprise they got the last
time they went into the garbage.

And then they'll start to understand...

There's nothing worth eating in the trash!

I hope you've been enjoying all these simple little tips to
help you train your dog quickly, safely, and effectively.

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